16+ Add Custom Icon In Flutter Background


16+ Add Custom Icon In Flutter
. I propose adding an extra, optional field to the icondata. Flutter provides a lot of icons to use out of the box and it's very easy to use those icons.

Building A Cupertino App With Flutter from codelabs.developers.google.com

After extracting the zip file, you want to get the ttf file located under the fonts folder into your flutter project. Add this plugin in pubspec.yaml file in project root directory. But if it's an amateur project we do or when we don't have the resources to add custom fonts to your application, add a fonts section here, in this flutter section.

Posted on 08 jul 2019 by ivan andrianto.

To introduce custom icons, we must first prepare icon font files (.ttfsuffix). Head over to your pubspec.yaml and add the following plugin to our dev_dependencies place your icon inside of your assets/images/icon.png folder, or a similar folder of your choosing. Iconbutton is a pretty useful widget in flutter. In such cases, you should wrap the iconbutton widget with ink widget.


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