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Captain Captain America Bucky. See more ideas about Captain america, Bucky, Bucky barnes. Monroe is currently known as Nomad.

Bucky Barnes Captain America by Spider-maguire on DeviantArt
Bucky Barnes Captain America by Spider-maguire on DeviantArt (Leonard Wilkerson)

Some classic comic costume explorations for Backy when he becomes new Captain America. "It makes no sense for [Bucky to be Captain America]. Don't miss out on The Roast of Captain America! Bucky is the moniker used by Captain America's sidekicks, in honor to the original one: Bucky Barnes, original bearer of the name.

Captain America: Civil War shook the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its core so heavily that even its pillars could crumble in the movies ahead.

But before Bucky can sit down and enjoy his plums, someone sees him and reports him to the cops.

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When he was sleep for several years, he lost everything that was dear to him. Destined to become Captain America's sidekick and staunch ally, Bucky combined the fighting techniques that made him a notorious schoolyard brawler with intensive black-ops training to become one of America's greatest heroes of World War II. His left arm gives him super strength (and his new one is presumably made of vibranium), and even without that strength he's proven himself to be an expert hand-to-hand combatant.


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