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Well 2sinxcosx is the identity for sin2x. Our math solver supports basic math pre algebra algebra trigonometry calculus and more.

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2sinxcosx cosx. Sub in 1 sin 2 x for cos 2 x in the denominator. Cosx 0 x pi 2 npi n in zz n an integer. Divide the numerator and denominator by cox.

You obtain cosx 2sinx 1 sinx 2sinx 1 cot. Tangent is 1 at π 4 kπ. 2x 0 k2pi where k is the number of revolutions or pi k2pi.

You may lose a root 2sinxcosx cosx 0. Divide both sides by cos2x and you get. Free pre algebra algebra trigonometry calculus geometry statistics and chemistry calculators step by step.

1 2sinxcosx cosx do not divide by cosx. Cosx 2sinx 1 0 by the zero product property. Sinx x z so 2sinx 2x z and cosx y z.

We now have. Thus you get 1 tanx 1 tanx which is of the form tan pi 4 x thus integral tan pi 4 x log cos pi 4 x. Imagine a right angled triangle with sides x y z where z is the hypotenuse and x is opposite angle x.

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