Meme Captain America Vs Sitwell


Meme Captain America Vs Sitwell. Nah, giliran kita yang bikin sendiri candaannya! Adegan dalam meme tersebut merupakan bagian dari kisah Captain America: The Winter Soldier di mana Steve.

The 30 Funniest Marvel Memes | Inverse
The 30 Funniest Marvel Memes | Inverse (Cornelia Ruiz)

Nah, giliran kita yang bikin sendiri candaannya! There will be unmarked spoilers below … Blink and you'll miss it: Captain straightens Sitwell's jacket first, as if he's apologising for his behaviour so far. Captain America and Iron Man are two of the most popular Marvel characters.

Interestingly enough, Jasper Sitwell, the bald HYDRA agent shown here, is the one to reveal some important information to Captain America and Black Widow later on when.

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