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Captain America Hail Hydra Meme Endgame. All appropriate thoughts discussions and memes related to Endgame and Infinity War are welcome. Since he knew from the events of Winter Soldier that both Jasper Sitwell and Brock Rumlow were HYDRA agents (and likely some of the other agents in the elevator as well) The best thing about Captain America saying 'Hail Hydra' were the memes this infamous moment inspired.

The 10 Best Hail Hydra Movie and TV Memes - IGN
The 10 Best Hail Hydra Movie and TV Memes – IGN (Bill Austin)

In-universe, it was a ploy to get Loki's scepter without arousing suspicion. AVENGERS: ENDGAME featured plenty of Easter Knowing this, Captain America convinces them to hand over an Infinity Stone by saying: "Hail Hydra." Fans laughed at the subterfuge on Captain. My favorite was always Captain America and meeting him was better than I would have imagined it.

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Of course, the chaos led to comedy, and the now famous "Hail HYDRA" panel became a medium for a million internet memes.

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