Boruto Eye Explained


Boruto Eye Explained. The Jougan allows him to sense chakra, its pathway system and also, view the What are Boruto's eyes and its power – Jougan – Pure Eye. In This Video I will Tell You About Boruto's jougan eye : Boruto jougan Explained , Jougan eye.

What if the BLACK Sclera in Boruto's Jougan indicated a ...
What if the BLACK Sclera in Boruto's Jougan indicated a … (Bess Reese)

According to Toneri, he says Jougan. (edited by PhantomExecutor). The Naruto franchise is full of strange and powerful eye-based techniques. The eye that Boruto possesses is known as the Jougan.

How Boruto Got The Scar On His Eye – Explained.

The characters 浄眼 can also mean cleaning eyes, which could explain why the drawing shows Boruto.

Boruto Eye Jougan – Fine Wallpaper Art

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How did Boruto get the Jougan? Explained – YouTube

Boruto's Eye power and Karma seal power Explained Boruto has unlocked the pure eye Jougan ability which no one else in the naruto universe even has. Once the eyes full powers have been revealed, perhaps the name will also be explained.


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