Who Gave Boruto The Jougan


Who Gave Boruto The Jougan. Jougan , also spelled Jogan in English, translates to pure eye. After that he was forgotten for a long time.

Boruto's Dojutsu: The Jougan Its Abilities & Powers | OtaKuKan
Boruto's Dojutsu: The Jougan Its Abilities & Powers | OtaKuKan (Leona Fields)

Here are six interesting things about Otsutsuki Toneri! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has quickly resulted in many fan theories, leading to some crazy ones This is a stark difference to Naruto himself, who acted out for attention as a child, but whose Long before it was revealed that Boruto's eye is a Jougan (or "pure eye") fans theorized that it was. as i think, yes. because if he revolves against konoha, and fights naruto, narutos special powers, especially, that given by itachi, will activate and stop sauske to go against konoha. Boruto's victory over Momoshiki in the movie, while good, was seen by some as being a waste since Boruto's victory came What has been revealed: It's called Jougan, it was bestowed However, given that pretty much everyone who watches Boruto has either seen the original Naruto, or at least.

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When Mitsuki bit him, he gave Boruto the Otsutsuki Chakra, the same way Orochimaru applied the curse mark to Sasuke.

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He will even be making an look in Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations anime as effectively. Jougan appeared in the very first episode of Boruto(when he was fighting Kawaki). Jougan is awoken from his right eye with black sclera and light-blue pupil.


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