Why Doesnt Boruto Have The Byakugan


Why Doesnt Boruto Have The Byakugan. I am in doubt because, if we take the Uchiha family as an example, then every member of their family has the ability to use Sharingan. Spoiler tag anything beyond the Boruto anime, such as episode previews, schedules, and the Boruto manga.

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Boruto Episode 9 Review | AnimeBlog – Part 2 (Jeffery Thornton)

He should inherited something from his mother side. Boruto's Dojutsu is definitely not a byakugan. That's probably why Boruto has "Jogan" while Himawari has Byakugan.

But it has not been specified as to why Boruto has the pure eye in the series.

The two then clash, and we go to a scene with a younger Boruto where the story truly starts.

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In your opinion what looks/ abilities/ Kekkei Genkai/ etc …

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Bet thread is borutos eyes a byakugan

It seemed to happen subconsciously as he encountered evil chakra. As seen in the first chapter of the Boruto manga. Unlike Naruto, Boruto doesn't have the monstrous amounts of Chakra to rely on, and rather than brute strength, he has always been one to prioritize speed.


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