Acv A Felines Footfall


The quest is automatically started when you have to go to ivaldi s forge in chapter 3 of asgard part of the main questline unmissable. The only hint you have is that there s a golden cat sitting over the great norse hall which isn t much to go off of.

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A feline s footfall taking root forging a bond part 2 the big finish binding fate cheating fate.

Acv a felines footfall. Welcome to the a feline s footfall page of the official ign wiki guide and walkthrough for assassin s creed valhalla on playstation 4 playstation 5 pc xbox one and xbox series x s. The saga of the snows jotunheim mistress of the iron wood the. Cat s footfall quest item mission info.

A feline s footfall is a main quest in assassin s creed valhalla acv. There will also be some hints for each quest in your inventory under the quest items. He requires two very unique ingredients but obtaining them seems nigh on.

Assassin s creed valhalla feline s footfall quest requires you to collect a cat s footfall for ivaldi to complete a project. The assassin s creed valhalla a feline s footfall quest is given to you by ivaldi the dwarven blacksmith in asgard. You get 2 new quests from ivaldi in your quest log taking root a feline s footfall.

Advance through chapter 3 of the asgard story recommended level. Ivaldi requires the root of a mountain to forge the magical cord gleipnir. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the a feline s footfall quest.


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