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Fish s father was american of english ancestry and his mother was scots irish american. The following letter was sent to the parents of grace budd on november 12 1934.

Read This Twisted Letter From An Infamous Cannibal To The Mother Of His Victim Viralnova

I took the boy there.

Albert fish letter reddit. I did not think someone like him would be real. His father was 43 years older than his mother and 75 years old at the time of his birth. Albert fish had many disgusting fetishes including co prophagia consumption of feces and urolagnia drinking urine infibulation suturing the foreskin sado masochism flagellation getting whipped or beat castration cutting of male female genitals self castration exhibitionism exposing naked parts of the body to public voyeurism.

What intrigues me is that he murdered african american children mentally handicapped children homosexuals and so on in the 1930s before truman made lynching illegal when homophobia was rampant all over and so on. This is the document that eventually led to the murderer s arrest. Albert fish you were such a fucking nut.

At the beginning he mentions that he had a friend who got stuck in hong kong in 1894 where he developed a taste for cannibalism. X ray of the pelvis of albert fish. In reality she was taken to a derelict house abused murdered eaten.

I brought him to the riker avenue dumps. He d lure them in and eat them up. Abused as a child himself he took delight in torturing his victims before finally killing them.

But when he met his 10 year old sister grace fish decided to change his intended victim. This information was used at trial to make the claim the kidnapping was sexually motivated thus avoiding any mention of cannibalism 26 wat. Fish was a child killing sadist cannibal.

Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts. Albert fish is disturbing. I m confused because i have never heard of this famine i m chinese but ofc there s things i don t know.

Albert fish was born in washington d c on may 19 1870 to randall 1795 october 16 1875 and ellen née howell. Fish said it never even entered his head to rape the girl 25 but he later admitted to his attorney that while kneeling on grace s chest and strangling her he did have two involuntary ejaculations. At trial he pled insanity and insisted that he had been acting on god s orders.

There is a house that stands alone not far from where i took him. Albert fish wrote a confession letter about killing grace budd. Albert fish was an american serial killer who preyed on young children.

History talk 7 comments share. With his fist in the air he d scream he was christ. It led to his arrest and execution.

Then i burned his clothes. He d do things to kids that weren t too nice. Albert fish was children your favourite dish.

Fish was the youngest. He wrote a letter sadistically telling her parents of her end. Albert fish was children your favourite dish.

The following is the letter that fish sent anonymously to grace budd s mother after killing and eating the little girl. My dear mrs. Stripped him naked and tied his hands and feet and gagged him with a piece of dirty rag i picked out of the dump.

Albert Fish Killed A Little Girl And Wrote This Letter To Her Mother Read Til The End Wtf

X Ray Of The Pelvis Of Albert Fish Fish Was A Child Killing Sadist Cannibal He Would From An Early Age Enjoy Beatings With A Paddle He Experienced In A Childrens Home More

Cannibal Albert Fish S Letter To The Mother Of His Victim Is A Sinister Read

Albert Fish Letter To Grace Budd S Mother About How He Cannibalized Her Daughter Morbidreality


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