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Determine the bond order in a molecule or ion with a. Each electron contributes 0 5 to the bond order so we remove one electron each from the π 2px and π 2py orbitals.

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Bond order of f2 2 ion. Molecular orbital diagram and bond order of fluorine molecule. These 18 electrons are filled in various molecular orbitals in the increasing order of their energies aufbau principle and on the basis of hund s rule and pauli s exclusion principle as. Previous question next question get more help from chegg.

For oxygen and fluorine the σ2 p orbital should be lower in energy than the π2 p orbitals. The bond order for fluorine gas is 1. Fluorine molecule is formed by the combination of atomic orbitals of two fluorine atoms each having nine electrons thus making 18 electrons.

Use molecular orbital theory to determine the bond order of the f2 ion. The energy level diagram then looks like this. Which molecule should be the most stable.

Determine the bond order for f 2 f 2 and f 2. However the diagram will still yield correct bond order and magnetic behavior for these molecules. We have removed two electrons so the molecule becomes the ion f2 2 with a charge of 2.

This can be calculated by subtracting the number of anti bonding electrons in the molecular orbitals from the. Use molecular orbital theory to determine the bond order of the f2 ion. The molecular orbital diagram below may be used for the following problem s.

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