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Download Add Icon Html Css
. The simplest way to add an icon to your html page, is with an icon library, such as font awesome. Adding favicons is also considered to be good for the seo of the how to insert spaces/tabs in text using html/css?

Adding Dashicons In WordPress from

The icon displayed is from the famfam icon library but can obviously be whatever you want it to be, including a logo or other type of search icon. For instance, markdown is designed to be easier to write and read for text documents and you could write a loop in pug. You can choose only 3 collections to keep.

Add the name of the specified icon class to any inline html element (like <i> or all the icons in the icon libraries below, are scalable vectors that can be customized with css (size, color, shadow, etc.)

For example, suppose you have links to twitter like this instead of using a img tag for each link, you should use css to add them, by matching the url. The first step is to link to the font from your website. Style font awesome icon color, size, shadow, create buttons and lists, animate, rotate and position icons. You can do this by adding the following line of code anywhere within the tags on your html page or template


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