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Hybrid whitesheep give you the facts and tell you what would happen should these two heroes fight. Donno who hyperion and sentry are but homelander has no weaknesses while superman does so he wins.

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Based on that alone the two are more likely to be allies than enemies but if a fight is unavoidable hyperion would have a slight edge just by virtue of ruthlessness.

Hyperion vs superman who would win. Still superman has beaten the odds plenty of times in the past so this fight could truly go either way. 4 his collision with hyperion created a earthquake so big that scientist couldn t believe what they were seeing. With those two points hyperion and thor take this 7 10.

Superman s demons have never really resided within him. Superman has definitely built up a wider rogues gallery than sentry and defeated all of them at some point. Here are the five reasons why hyperion is more powerful than captain marvel and five why he never will be.

Forgot about superman s ability to phase. Most notably i should show him overpowering hyperion with one hand and unless your going to say hulk is considerably faster than hyperion than there s no way that was a surprise thing hyperion clearly noticed the hand after he was. That being said comic book fans have yet to see how a head to head battle would go for the two characters.

Hulk has at regular levels shown many direct and indirect superman level strength feats which are on the rt. Who would win in a fight. Superman vs captain marvel.

The goals of both hyperion and superman is to protect humanity. Thor and hyperion win 9 5 10. Instead he regularly faces the likes of the brilliant lex luthor the power hungry darkseid brainiac metallo doomsday zod and many more.

Total comments on blogs. Who would win hyperion or superman. Thor immediately godblasts superman or goku into another star cluster light years away taking out one opponent and then he tag teams the other with hyperion.

He doesn t really need goku to win this round. 10 main inherent power. Please subscribe comment like.

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