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Besides KashTree is a very clever scam. Stay away from it.

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Alternatives KashTree might not be what it presented itself to but there are other products out there that are legit.

Kashtree scam. For example according to KashTrees Frequently Asked Question How Does It Work they say this. To receive the bonus you will provide your personal information including your payment or bank accounts. Honestly we dont blame you guys.

KashTree promises very high payments for sign up referrals and completing offers. KashTree is a scam website that only wants to take your private data and sell it to advertisers. KashTree is a scam because the whole platform is based on lies and it doesnt really intend to pay you right from the start.

Yes plain and simple this program is a scam. They state that money should be generated by ad-spend revenue and sponsored products. KashTree is an influencer marketing network that aims to help people make money online with social media.

Is Kash Tree a scam. They will not pay you and the most disgusting part about it is that they will make you work for your money by making sure to do some promotions about KashTree which means that those who promote it are helping this scam to go viral. In fact theyre from the same person or group of people.

KashTree is definitely a scam. 7 Reasons Why KashTree Is A Scam. KashTree was launched just in August 2019 but the payment proof goes all the way back to February and June 2019.

The first thing you need to know is that KashTree is just like some other scams like Kids Have Money Viral Bucks and EmotePay. To make things clearer heres a list of KashTrees lies. How does it work.

Here are the reasons why in my opinion KashTree is a scam. The KashTree scam starts with a 25 new member bonus. If you happened to sign up and you have used your regular email address and password make sure you change your password right away.

The scammer sells your personal information to everyone for a profit. This is not an economically sustainable model. Why am I making all this money just to invite friends.

After doing extensive research Ive come to the conclusion that KashTree is not Legit its a scam. Seriously this system goes after the data whether it is email phone number PayPal or other personal data. KashTree is a very recent addition to a fast-growing cluster of identical GPT Get Paid To scams such as ReferralPay RainMoneyco and Viral Points just to name a few.

Is KashTree A Scam. By the way people who have recently signed up to the program will tell you that they have gotten paid or are getting paid soon but the truth is they have not and will not get paid.

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