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Advantages of magisk over supersu also magisk has it s library of modules that is maintained by our cool developers these modiules are similar to xposed modules however magisk modules are not backwards compatible with xposed modules which means that you cannot xposed modules in magisk. Supersu can only root the phone and magisk has lots of modules to modify the phone on the go.

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The extraordinary thing about being open source is that anyone can view the magisk source code.

Magisk vs supersu. The advantage of being an open source is that anybody can know magisk s source code. Supersu had some modified system early time and then it moves to the systemless rooting method while magisk has a systemless rooting since its birth. While magisk is an open source supersu is a closed source.

Supersu is closed and was sold to a chinese company. Another significant difference between the two is closed source and open source. Supersu is a closed source which was bought by a chinese company called ccmt.

Supersu is closed source whereas magisk is open source. Magisk is open source while supersu is a closed source. Another important difference between magisk and supersu is of closed source v open source.

The great thing about being open source is anyone can view the magisk source code. Supersu is a closed one and a few years ago it was sold to a chinese company called ccmt. Supersu in limited control while magisk manager enhanced control over root behavior.

Many users are apprehensive of using the closed source from unfamiliar companies.

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