Max Cyan Karambit


Ive been looking into max cyan patterns on the new gamma dopplers and would love to see more such patterns. Playside is MAX CYAN and the backside has BTA green pattern with cyan tip.

Pc Karambit Gamma Doppler Factory New True Max Cyan 0 007 Globaloffensivetrade

23 on Exchange CSDeals SS CSMoney SS.

Max cyan karambit. CSGO profile for cyanide – overview detailed player stats like kdr kills time played MVPs last match stats headhost accuracy percentage and much more. Its drop dead gorgeous and personally I like it better than candy-like SapphiresFits into my ocean. Paynow Paylah FAST transfer accepted.

So first off these are the Tier 1 Patterns for the Karambit Max Blues. Aquamarine revenge asiimov baroque purple black laminate bloodsport blue laminate cartel case hardened elite build emerald pinstripe fire serpent first class fr. Karambit Marble Fade Ice Fire CSGO knife.

The corners are a bust though and float value is 003 but doesnt really. 225 is a pretty standard price but a couple months ago there were quite a few people trying to sell at the same time bringing it down to 210 to 215. CSDeals SS CSMoney SS Buyout.

Karambit Gamma Doppler Max Cyan 001 fv. Traded my Karambit Fade for this ocean gem. Cyanide csgo ZF Cyanide zfcyanide Twitte.

Karambit Fake Ice Fire tags. Also the light blue on the backside is practically centered on the knife. A lot of the kara cyans on this subreddit have edited screenshots and are actually less cyan ig more green towards handle.

De nieuwste tweets van zfcyanid. Karambit Gamma Doppler Factory New Max Cyan pattern with an almost flawless corner. As you can see the backside does not have a black tip.

These are single-handedly the best kind of patterns and are easily the rarest. A quick showcase of my absolute favourite knife to date. 655 on Bitskins Karambit Case Hardened Field-Tested Blue Gem CSDeals SS CSMoney SS Buyout.

I think they look really unique especially on the karambits. 333 on Bitskins Hydra Gloves Case Hardened Minimal Ware Trade.

Karambit Gamma Doppler Max Cyan Patterns Broskins Csgo Trade Skins

Pc Karambit Gamma Doppler P3 Max Cyan Globaloffensivetrade

Karambit Stattrack Gamma Doppler Phase 3 Max Cyan Youtube

Steam Community Screenshot Karambit Gamma Doppler Max Cyan 0 01 Fv


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