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The central atom is bonded to. Because a polar.

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The textbook uses the same question as an example on pg 310 step by step with the answer right there.

Shape of if4 plus. The positive charge is diffused evenly around all of the atoms in the molecule. The electron geometry of i f 4 i f 4 is trigonal bipyramidal. If4 is symmetrical with the iodine atom in the center and the four fluorine atoms surrounding it.

Lewis structure of if4 if4 has total valence electron view the full answer. See full answer below. This is because it has five total electron groups.

How to draw the lewis structure for if4 a step by step explanation of how to draw the if4 lewis structure. In brf4 the fluorine bridges are equatorial and compress this angle. In if4 the nature of the fluorine bridges depends on the counterion and either the axial in if4 sbf6 or the equatorial in if4 sb2f11 bond angle is preferentially compressed.

For the best answers search on this site https shorturl im avy6k. For the if4 lewis structure use the periodic. Therefore the geometries of the free ions are best described by the theoretical calculations.

If4 has an electron geometry of octahedral shape but the molecular geometry of the ion is square planar in shape.

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