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Before you discard a shrunken sweater or give it to a toddler or pet to wear try this unshrinking technique that could save your clothing investment. Although the washing machine method can significantly shrink a wool sweater due to the increased friction it may often lead to uneven results.

Shrunken Wool Sweater Fix Stretch Out Shrunken Sweater Sweaters Wool Sweaters

Leave the clothing item inside the sink during this step.

Shrunk merino wool sweater. Check the shrinkage of your sweater throughout the wash cycle. Shrinking a sweater or other garments made with merino wool or any other type of wool is startlingly easy to do. If you re unshrinking a wool sweater you may need more conditioner about 1 3 of a cup.

If you want to shrink a portion of the sweater such as the waist or cuffs use the hand shrinking method. Almost everyone has mistakenly thrown a wool sweater into the washer in hot water or an acrylic sweater into a hot dryer and found it has shrunk to nearly doll size. Over time wool sweaters can become a little baggy.

It is possible to unshrink a wool sweater by carefully soaking it in water and hair conditioner or baby shampoo stretching it gently and drying it flat. This will relax the clothing s fibers. But if you re here because the unthinkable has already happened and you accidentally washed a wool sweater and your garment has shrunk don t worry there s still hope.

Drain the sink of water. You can also use a gentle wool wash like eucalan or woolite for delicates. You pull your favorite sweater out and it has shrunken down and you suddenly need to know how to unshrink wool.

Luckily shrinking them is a quick an easy process. If you re here because you just want to learn what to do in case the unthinkable happens great. If you want to shrink the entire sweater place the sweater in a warm wash with some laundry detergent and then dry it in the dryer.

How to unshrink merino wool. For heavy duty shrinking place your wool sweater in the washing machine on its normal warm water setting. Add the sweater and let it soak for 10 minutes.

When your merino wool sweater emerges from the dryer in a shrunken state all is not lost. It doesn t take much only some hot water in the wash or a hot dryer. First we ll explain some of the ins and outs of this unique natural fibre which.

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