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There are two main rivers in which you can have a great rafting Bali. SOBEK Rafting White Water Rafting Bali.

Bali Sobek Rafting Cycling L Ayung River Telagawaja River Batur Kintamani Bali Indonesia

Sobek White Water Rafting at Telaga Waja River.

Sobek telagawaja rafting. Head to Ayung River or Telaga Waja River to get the best rafting experiences in Bali. We have set the highest international standards in the rafting industry. Bali SOBEK was the first professional Adventure Company in Bali Indonesia.

The Sobek Telaga Waja experience is a fantastic experienc e from start to finish. Bali Sobek Rafting besides offering a rafting trip at Ayung River Ubud also offers white water rafting adventure trips on Telaga Waja RiverFurthermore Telaga Waja rafting well known with 3 4 white water rafting rapids classes. SOBEK classic Rafting at Telaga Waja River Another exciting product within the portfolio of Sobek adventure is one that will simply take away your breath.

The Sobek adventure portfolio is one that will simply take your breath away. Sobek Rafting Adventure Offers Rafting Adventures at Both Rivers Includes Ayung River and Telagawaja River. Consequently Sobek Rafting is the most famous rafting company in Bali.

Simply placed fulfilling the same high safety and service requirements as the Sobek Ayung River Telaga Waja River Rafting challenges you and your guide at every step of the journey. From the moment you put on your Life Jacket and Helmet and take a tight grip of your paddle to the very second you finish your last taste of the delicious mouth watering buffet this really is thrills all the way. Sobek Rafting Adventure is one of the famous Bali Adventures giving a lot of memory in river water adventure full of rapids and challenge.

Surely this activity with Bali Sobek Rafting is for you nature and adventure enthusiasts. Telaga Waja rafting Sobek memiliki tingkat kualifikasi standar keamanan dan keselamatan peserta yang sangat tinggi. Jadi tiap-tiap guide rafting Bali Sobek yang menemani anda harus memiliki pengalaman dan mengetahui cara dan prosedur dalam proses keamanan dan keselamatan saat aktivitas rafting.

From the time you drop into the first set of rapids. The thrilling Telaga Waja adventure begins in the foothills of the sacred Mount Agung after an in-depth safety and equipment briefing by Sobeks experienced guides. Rafting Bali is one of the most popular water activities besides surfing diving and snorkeling.

SOBEK pioneered White Water Rafting in the 1980s and over than 20 years are known world wide for their safety and quality of product and are still the market leaders for White Water Rafting in Indonesia. Furthermore Sobek Rafting Adventure will encourage you to venture on the river that encircled with the tropical bush grove and clear water from.

Bali Sobek Rafting Cycling L Ayung River Telagawaja River Batur Kintamani Bali Indonesia Indonesia

Sobek Ayung Rafting Spot Sobek Adventure Cycling Telaga Waja Rafting Spot Bali Ph 0361 729016 8950630 Www Balisobek Com

Bali Sobek Rafting Cycling L Ayung River Telagawaja River Batur Kintamani Bali Indonesia Bali Lombok Vacation Destinations Rafting

Rafting Di Bali Dengan Pilihan Sobek Adalah Rafting Yang Menggunakan Sungai Ayung Ataupun Sungai Telaga Waja Sebaga Bali Tour Packages Bali Tours River Rafting


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