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A milliontan a millioncot multiplying numerator nd denominator with a milliontan theta a milliontan a million-tan a millioncot a million-tan a milliontan a million-tan a milliona milliontan a million-tan because of the fact that. I hope this video helpful to you.

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Prove each of the following identities.

Tan theta1 cot thetacot theta1 tan theta teachoo. LHS tan θ 1 – cot θ cot θ 1 – tan θ tan θ 1 – cos θ sin θ cot θ 1 – sin θ cos θ sin θ tan θ sin θ – cos θ cos θ cot θ cos θ – sin θ sin θ sin θ cos θ cos θ cos θ sin θ sin θ – cos θ sin 2 θ cos 2 θ cos θ sin θ sin θ – cos θ sin 3 θ – cos 3 θ cos θ sin θ sin θ – cos θ. Tan theta 1-cot theta cot theta 1- tan theta 1sec theta. RHS 1 tan cot.

Cosec thetaImportant questions for Class 10 Board Exam CBSE BoardImport. Now lets solve LHS —- eqn 1. LHS cot 1 – tan tan 1 – cot 1 tan 1 – tan tan 1 – 1 tan.

Tan theta1-cot theta cot theta1- tan theta 1 sec theta cosec theta. We know that Applying these in eqn 1 we get On simplification we get. Now on taking LCM we get We know that We know that.

Tan theta1-cot theta cot theta1-tan theta 1 sec thetacosec theta is proved Solution. Learn more about trignometric identities. Plz subscribe my channel and hit the bell icon for more updates.

Aur like Karo comment Karo. Hence LHS RHS. Enable theta here for uncomplicated purpose LHS.

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