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Here is a diagram of the weight distribution. And it is much easier to replace domes than mx springs.

Topre Hi Profile Caps

Although topre keyboards are more affordable than they used to be most are still in the 200 range.

Topre switch diagram. Even though the force distance diagram is shown otherwise. It shows that the switch is activated around 2mm or so. In which the realforce switches in the realforce keyboards were first introduced in 2001.

The keyboard comes with electrocapacitive switches. Topre is known as the only one made in japan electrostatic capacitive non contact type keyboard in the world. 30g 35g 45g 55g depending on model force diagram key travel.

Topre is a controversial switch in the mechanical keyboard world. The other one is the actuation point variable which comes in the realforce rgb which just changes when the software determines the switch has actuated ranging between 1 5 2 2 3 0 mm. Topre 45g or silent 45g.

So as per the details we can say that topre switches are a mix of rubber dome switches and mechanical switches. A 65 percent mechanical keyboard with topre switches the leopold fc660c keyboard can be one of the best contenders for the best topre keyboards. You would find the price of the product quite fluctuating which may be a little difficult to buy it at the best price.

Add to cart 4 9 on 14 leopold fc660c blue grey 65 dye sub pbt mechanical keyboard. However i can activate a key just by barely bumping it. Springs in mx switches will also wear out.

For one reason or another the activation point for the topre switch is really close to the top like around 1mm or so. Is a japanese manufacturer of switches mechanical switches. These switches have light actuation force as well i e.

Because of no physical contact topre switches are longer lasting as well as more reliable. Thus putting topre switches in either of these categories is not easy. Topre lifespan might not be as long as mx but we are still talking years.

In terms of durability topre switches is considered super. 4mm topre switches are somewhat of a hybrid switch and are capacitive by nature. Topre keyboards tend to be the most expensive mechanical keyboards on the market.

The topre mechanism uses a spring underneath a rubber dome and the depression of the spring causes a change in capacitance between the underlying capacitor pads. They have been producing mechanical keyboard since 1983. Add to cart 5 0 on 15 leopold fc980c white dye sub pbt mechanical keyboard aecx01.

Topre 45g or silent 45g. This is the nature of any moving part. Proponents say it s the smoothest most refined switch that money can buy.

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