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Download and print these warrior cat to print coloring pages for free. This is a page containing charart linearts made by seyrii a senior administrator and editor on here.

Pin By Zoe Bain On Warrior Cats Oc S Warrior Cats Warrior Cats Art Warrior Cat Memes

A wonderfully complex warrior cat maker allowing you to customize each aspect of the cat s coat.

Warrior cat kittypet base. What is my warrior cats clan. In riverclan territory there s a special bell that summons emberat the cost of 2 bonus coins. They are for chararts only not for character reference sheets or anything similar.

Try out my warrior cat maker now and find out. Omg tysm for the feature. Cats clans erinhunter generator names warriorcats.

So have you ever wanted to see what warrior cat you would be. Ashfire updated on. A partly grown cat who has a mentor who teaches them the way of the clan.

10 questions developed by. 2020 05 24 developed on. The usage of warriors wiki pixel blanks and.

Warrior cats oc base. Find ember wandering around on a tile press ctrl to talk to her and you can pay 40 reputation to have her escort you to the twolegplace. You must be a giant warrior cat fan or you wouldn t be checking out my quiz.

Every choice you make for your cat is visualized in three simultaneous views. You can choose the color and pattern of pretty much everything. A boo b shorty c frank d dragon e jynx f neptune g ricky h crimson i fluff j nemo k joe l amethyst m nari n jess o arthur p ruby q socks r daisy s nan t flick u boris b izzie w smoky x buttons y grant z tuxhousemates.

Their suffix is always paw. Do feel free to colour and use them on your oc articles if you d so wish just remember that these linearts are not normal bases and should not be used as such. Someone who fights and hunts for the clan.

Suffix is always kit. Someone who has or is having kits. Essentially the one who heals and looks after sick injured or disabled cats.

What is your warrior cat name kit mate clan position and apprentice. Press ctrl to talk to her and pay 40 reputationto have her escort your cat back to the. Kittypet mode is a special play mode activated by two different methods.

Warrior cat names come in two. Dark forest cat longhaired kittypet. Apprentice longhaired medicine apprentice shorthaired medicine apprentice longhaired warrior shorthaired warrior longhaired medicine cat shorthaired medicine cat longhaired queen shorthaired.

2017 10 23 102 679 taken user rating. Would you be a warrior or a medicine cat a queen or a kit. Oc generator warrior cats 1 comment.

Design your own pet re create your companion or create warrior cats. Choose the second letter of your last name. These bases are really old so they re going to be redrawn.

Red none orange one. Notice from the base artist. A kittypet is the clan cats word for domestic cats that live with twolegs who keep and care for them 1 1 description 2 relation to clan cats 3 canon kittypets 3 1 in the super editions 3 2 in the dawn of the clans arc 3 3 in the prophecies begin arc 3 4 in the new prophecy arc 3 5 in the power of three arc 3 6 in the omen of the stars arc 3 7 in the a vision of shadows arc 3 8 in the mangas.

Right down to the nicks and scars. 2 8 of 5 21 votes 203 people like it.

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