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Since we usually use sticks of butter here in the states that may be from one to two tablespoons. A knob of butter is basically a lump of butter.

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What is a knob of butter definition. Of course adv naturligvis. Of whom adv hvoraf. Klaret smør n of prep af.

Richard you knob of butter. He turned the knob and pushed against the door. Definitions of knob of butter synonyms antonyms derivatives of knob of butter analogical dictionary of knob of butter english.

1 n count a knob is a round handle on a door or drawer which you use in order to open or close it. 3 n count a knob of butter is a small amount of it. A knob of butter is defined as an isosceles right angled tetrahedron whose adjacent is equal to half the height of the block of butter.

A british term denoting some butter or a more gentlemanly insult when striving to avoid strong language. 2 n count a knob is a round switch on a piece of machinery or equipment. Knop fk enhed luftf.

Of course adv selvfølgelig. Note sometimes more than one knob of butter may be required. Irrespective of prep uanset.

If a recipe says to add a knob of butter to a pan for sautéing it usually means to add just enough butter to cover the bottom. You ve spilt my pint of ale all over the table. Regardless of prep.

Second the term knob of butter is a holdover from early cookbooks that assumed the reader already possessed some cooking skills. Of which adv hvoraf. They were written for people who already knew how to eyeball amounts so shorthand terms like knob and gill about 1 2 cup were used to give cooks a rough idea of amounts.

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