Which Of The Following Molecules Is Not Polar


Which of the following will diffuse through a cell membrane most easily. Germanium tetrahydride is a non polar molecule because it has tetrahedral geometry and it has symmetrical charge distribution so it is a non polar molecule.

Polar Vs Non Polar Molecules What You Need To Know Covalent Bonding Chemistry Class Molecules

Polar molecule is known as the molecule in which one part of the molecule is partial positive charged and another part is partial negative charged.

Which of the following molecules is not polar. For a simple example water is a polar compound made of 2 hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom. The molecules that are non polar are proteins they are made up of amino acids non polaramino acids tend to be located on the regions of the surface in contact with the membrane polara view the full answer. C there are organic molecules of fairly large size as well as there are molecules of small sizes.

In which of the following molecules both polar and non polar bonds are present 2 see answers sudhirhaldkar2980 sudhirhaldkar2980 explanation. H two s is polar because the hydrogen are partial positive suffers partial negative. Small polar molecules b.

The other one is between two oxygen atoms where there is no unequal sharing of electrons as they have same dipole moment. Two of them are between hydrogen and oxygen atoms which is polar in nature. C h c l three is polar because we have the exposed partial positive hydrogen co two is non polar because we have no partial positive exposed region.

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